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Post 6 Baseball

The Board

The Cheyenne Post 6 Board is a collection of people who deeply care about baseball in Cheyenne. The board's duties include setting budgets, maintaining affiliations, hiring coaches, managing the organization's financials, planning events and supporting young baseball players in our community. To be considered for a board position, email us

Phil Maggard


Michael Colgan 
Vice President 

Ward Anderson 

Kim Hesford 
Sara Izaguirre
Bash Liaison

Scott Redman
and Swag
Shelli Stewart

 Julian Tafoya III
Hall of Fame/
Alumni Liaison

 Aaron Casey
Media/Social Media/
Web Design

 Ty Lain
Head Coach
- Ex-Officio

Field Status

Open Open

Powers Field (10:31 PM | 05/17/20)

Open Open

Pioneer Park (10:31 PM | 05/17/20)

Open Open

WYCO Facility - TeePee (10:33 AM | 10/16/20)

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