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Here are various forms for your use.  There will be more added as we get them together.  Please, use them as often as you need.

Sponsor Letters and related information is included.  Please, if you are interested in sponsoring, print the information and contact a board member with any questions you may have.

Sponsorship Forms

We are ready for 2019 Sponsorships!  Here is the Sponsorship Letter and the Sponsor Levels Form.  We encourage you to print these forms as often as you need.  If you have any questions regarding sponsors or whom to contact, please contact Ward or Karen.  

We are looking forward to partnering with a record number of sponsors.  Thank you, parents and players, for all your work in bringing on sponsor partners.  We couldn't do this without you!

Friends and Family

We are again providing the Friends & Family letter for those seeking donations from those you hold near and dear to your family.  This is a great way to raise money towards your sons player registration.  Every dollar donated by friends/family goes straight to your son!  Print off as many as you desire.  This is the perfect way to encourage your out of state family members to support your son in a way they usually aren't able to.

Banner Sponsor City Form

Per City of Cheyenne requirements, we are now collecting authorization from all banner sponsors to hang their banners.  That form is to the right.  Please print and obtain a signature from any banner sponsor you might obtain.  Thank you for your assistance.

Amazon Smile

Everyone shops on Amazon!!!  Well, we are an official recipient of their Smile program.  So, as you head to Amazon to by that new, super cheap ugly sweater (for the upcoming office Christmas party), free Prime shipping something or other, login in under the Smile page and shop away.  A portion of all your purchases comes back to Post 6 as Amazon gives back to the community.


New this year!!!  We have King Soopers Gift Cards availablle for purchase.  They are $20 and have $20 already on them.  Head over to King Soopers and buy your gas and groceries using this refillable gift card.  Every time you use this refillable gift card, Post 6 Baseball get 5% of your purchase!  

Example:  You fill up your gift card with $200.  At the end of the month, you've used up all $200, King Soopers will then donate $10.  Sure, $10 doesn't sound like much.  However, there are 17 teammates on your sons team.  All their parents spend at least $200.  King Soopers is now donating $180.  If all four teams generate at least $180 a month, King Soopers is now donating $720 minimum a month.  

As Ward explained at the Parent Meeting, this isn't just for parents.  It is for Grandma and Grandpa, aunts and uncles, as well as other friends and family.  If you have family outside the state of Wyoming that want to support your son and his team, these cards are good at all Kroger stores (King Soopers, Fred Meyer, QFC, Dillon's, Fry's Food Stores, Ralphs and Smith's, plus the many local gas stations affiliated with these stores) throughout the United States.

This is a great opportunity to raise a lot of money for our organization.  Let's all get our Gift Cards as soon as possible!  Contact Ward through his email or phone number on the Contacts page.